12 Thoughtful Sympathy Gift Ideas for Grieving Friends

Thinking of sending your friend a sympathy gift? Below you’ll find 12 thoughtful sympathy gift ideas for a grieving friend. Keep in mind who you’re gifting to, as each person is unique and may appreciate something different.

1 – Personalized Jewelry

From scriptures to dates or initials, a personalized piece of jewelry is a great gift that packs a lot of sentiment. I discovered the IME Silver shop on Etsy that allows you to engrave a design that you’d like added. For my mom’s necklace, I took my brother’s signature “Love always, Kyle” and added it to a circle necklace pendant. I also picked a hawk add-on charm because my mom finds meaning in them. It came out so perfect, but be sure to choose a larger piece of jewelry if you’re fitting longer text.

2 – Personalized Candle

Yankee Candle allows you to choose your candle scent and personalize it with a photo. My family received this candle with my brother’s picture on it. When the candle is lit, it gives off a warm feeling as it illuminates the photograph. I also received another personalized candle that included an inside joke on it. It’s a great gift and functional too.

3 – Gift box curated for them

Send a gift box filled with some items they love, items they need, and ones to bring them joy. For example, my friend loves puzzles and relaxing with a healthy snack. My grief gift box included a couple of puzzles, a healthy snack, a moisturizer just for some self-care, and a Trader Joe’s gift card because this place brings you joy just by walking in it. Consider what your friend enjoys and curate a box that will show you’re thinking of them.

4 – Journal

Oftentimes, when you write something down, you’re getting your thoughts out to clear your mind. It’s a way to let them flow from your mind to paper and process feelings to think through things – even if that means you’re crying while doing it.

It is also a great gift because it can inspire someone to jot down their brain dumps, goal plan, write lists, or even just use it for ideas. It can also be a new tool for motivation and inspiration that helps get them through the difficult days.

5 – Tea/coffee sampler with a mug

A hot cup of tea can be extremely calming and relaxing, even if it lasts for just a few moments. This Tea Drop Sampler box is a great gift idea because not only are the drop simple to make, they’re delicious. You can even consider sending a personalized mug or one that will cheer them up each time they drink a cup. This mug was personalized from Costco and gifted to my mom after our family dog died.

6 – A cozy blanket

I didn’t leave my bed for days. I felt like hell and didn’t know if I’d ever get up again. What helped though was having a cozy blanket to cocoon in. A cozy blanket goes a long way in providing comfort. It’s something soft, warm, and useful even as time goes by. You can find one in stores like Home Goods or online such as this one from Amazon.

7 – Low maintenance plant

Flowers are thoughtful but don’t tend to last too long. Instead, send a low maintenance plant that needs minimal care and can last years. Check out The Sill for a wide variety of different plants. You can also include a gift note with this item when shipping it if you’d like. I like to give this gift with something else such as candle or journal.

8 – Picture framed with a quote

A printed photo captures a moment in time and special memories that went along with it. Frame a photo of the lost loved one and include a special quote, song lyrics, or an inside joke that means something special. For example, when my brother passed, my sister-in-law gave me this framed photo with a song lyric from Kyle’s favorite music artist.

9 – Snack subscription box

There a ton of different subscription boxes out there, but I recommend a healthy snack box like Love with Food. This allows you to send a box as a gift while giving back. Each box that is bought means at least 1 meal is donated to someone in need. The snack options are healthy and if your friend discovers a snack they really love, they can purchase on the site.

10 – Book Of The Month

Book Of The Month is a great option if your friend enjoys reading. Each month, there are 5 books to choose from and whichever one is chosen will be shipped out. You can gift your friend a few months so they can sign up and start discovering new books. It’s a great way to turn off their thoughts for a few while they dive into a story.

11 – Spafinder gift card

Another gift idea is to purchase a Spafinder gift card that your friend can use when the time is right. It’s a thoughtful gift that will help them to relax and decompress. Review the spa finder locations page to make sure there are options in your friend’s area. If not, check out local spas and purchase a gift card to one that won’t be an inconvenience to go to!

12 – Uber Eats gift card

Although many people tend to send over food when a loved one passes, a gift card to order out is so useful. An Uber Eats gift card will give them more options and they can use it whenever they would like. They won’t have to worry about cooking or cleaning up their kitchen.

If you have a friend who is grieving, the best thing to do is be there for them and show you care. These sympathy gift ideas for a grieving friend are a kind gesture and may help bring some peace of mind or a smile to their face.

Do you have any other sympathy gift ideas for a grieving friend? Let us know in the comments!

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