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2 Great Breakfast Spots in Notting Hill London

What better way to start your day than with a great breakfast? Touching down in London early in the morning, we wanted to sit down with a cup of coffee and a good meal. We searched and found 2 great breakfast spots in Notting Hill, which was right where we were staying.

We also were recommended to try these 2 breakfast spots by the reception at our hostel. They said they loved the food and the vibe of each place. Although they had different vibes, they were both perfect options to start the day.

The two places you should try are EGGBREAK and Farm Girl. They’re pretty similar in pricing. The food is different though, here’s a breakdown of how my experience went at each place. 


The first day we arrived, we wanted endless coffee. This was the best place for us as they had free refills. They also served water with fresh fruit in it or free sparkling water with the fruit as well. So of course, we got hydrated.

As for the food, I got the EGGBREAK Benny with toasted English muffin, poached eggs, and hollandaise. I thought it tasted great, my only complaint was it wasn’t as filling as I hoped.

My friend, Shaina, got the Smashed Avo with poached eggs, salsa verde, and breakfast radish. She thought it was amazing and considered getting it again when we stopped back in before leaving London.

The second time we went, we both got the Crab cake with poached eggs, sriracha hollandaise and spinach. The crab cake has such a great crisp to the outside, the eggs are poached well and the sauce goes great with everything.

We shared the Nutella & Naan Pinwheel as a side, but it wasn’t as great as we anticipated. It was a nice side to our savory choice, I just don’t know if I’d get it again.

EGGBREAK was definitely a great way to start the morning, both with the food choices and the free refill on the house coffee. You can look at their Instagram @EGGBREAK_LDN. Here you’ll see some of the amazing options and can start planning what you’ll get.

EGGBREAK is located at:
30 Uxbridge Street
London W8 7TA

Hours: Daily – 08:00 to 19:00
Phone: +44 203 535 8300

Farm Girl

This was the second of the best breakfast spots in Notting Hill that we had. This is definitely an Instagram worthy spot. From the purple wisteria plants hanging outside the entrance to the beautifully plated meals, you’ll be wanting to grab your camera to take pictures.

As for the food and drinks, they were very unique. I got the Island Breakfast which was sweet potato, labneh, avo mash & two poached eggs with hazelnut dukkah. I wasn’t a big fan of this one because I couldn’t get past the cold yogurt with the warm poached eggs. However, if that doesn’t bother you, the flavor combination was great.

I did love my cappuccino though. It tasted almost nutty with a hint of chocolate. If you’re feeling adventurous, I’d say try one of the unique options as there’s a bunch to choose from such as a lavender latte with the option to add CBD oil..

Shaina got the Avocado Toast which had lime juice & coriander topped with purple radish & nigella seeds and added a poached egg. She thought this was pretty good, as you can’t go wrong with avo toast. 

Some other options that looked really great were the Berry Pancakes and the Acai Bowl. They’re sweeter options that still looked to be filling and delicious. If you’d like to see some of their other options, here’s their Instagram @farmgirlcafe.

Farm Girl is located at:
59a Portobello Rd
W11 3DB

Hours: Monday – Friday 08:30 to 17:00
Saturday – Sunday 09:00 to 18:00
Phone: 0207 229 4678

Notting Hill was such a great place to explore, especially when searching for food in the morning. Eggbreak and Farm Girl are 2 breakfast spots in Notting Hill that I’d stop in again if I ever had the chance. If you had to pick one based on food alone, I’d recommend EGGBREAK as the food is great and the coffee refills were unmatched.

Have you been to Notting Hill London? If so, what other breakfast spots are a must try?

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