3 Instagram Accounts to Follow for Fitness Motivation

How many times have you scrolled through Instagram and found yourself feeling low? This used to happen to me a lot; so much so that I stopped posting entirely. It wasn’t until I searched for Instagram accounts to follow for fitness motivation.

I realized that Instagram can either be a platform that inspires or discourages you, and thankfully you’re in control of deciding.

Lately, there are tons of women out there trying to create change, especially when it comes to health and fitness. This category encompasses a lot of things, with a focus on teaching you new workouts and recipes.

I generally only follow women on Instagram that motivate, teach or relate to me in some way. I’ve found that when I’m scrolling, I’m no longer feeling bad but inspired by what these women are sharing.

One thing that they have in common is that they’re authentic.

They keep it relevant and real. They’re not afraid to show their reality behind the filters and talk with an understanding that we’re all struggling with different things when it comes to fitness.

They each are striving to create a community or make a change, which is something I value as well. There are 3 Instagram accounts to follow for fitness motivation and honest words of wisdom:


Krissy Cela has motivated me since the day I started following her. Her personality is amazing and you immediately know she’s being honest about everything she discusses. She’s also popular on YouTube where she shares videos of workouts, meal prep, outfit try-ons and a ton more.

She recently launched the Tone and Sculpt App. This app is amazing for workouts and nutrition guides, among other things. If you’re afraid to go to the gym without a plan, this will solve that issue. The workouts are broken down and the nutrition is laid out clearly so you have no doubts about what you’re doing.

What’s even better is that Krissy puts her whole heart into this program. She is always open to feedback and trying to improve to create the best app for YOU. She regularly asks the community what they prefer or what they’d like added so she can keep updating it to be better.

I enjoy following Krissy because she is a genuine and incredibly intelligent woman (you’ll learn this by following her). Her captions are thoughtful and honest. She makes me feel like I’m not alone with common fitness (and life) struggles.

There was one time I couldn’t get myself to the gym for over a week. Reading that Krissy goes through it too was motivating to know that we all have days where skipping the gym happens. It doesn’t mean we’ve fallen off the fitness path, but instead, it teaches us that this balance is necessary. Without it, we might go crazy by keeping it too strict without doing things that make us happy.

You should definitely check out Krissy’s page or even her YouTube to get a better glimpse of who she is and get a huge kick of motivation to get into your fitness. You’ll also feel like you just met your new best friend, as she gets what most of us are going through.


I started following Sami because I was inspired by her maintaining a healthy lifestyle while working as a nurse and running a side business. Her first side business was her personal training that always got amazing testimonials. With that, she was always posting helpful workout videos that highlighted how to have the best form and switch things up.

What’s been incredible was watching her launch her activewear brand, Ptula, that has grown into an amazing catalog of items. This is definitely a workout clothing brand you need to try. From the quality of the fabric to the functional design – I never received an item I didn’t love!

Sami is also a huge fan of building a community. Her posts are always encouraging, motivating, and informative. She engages with comments and makes sure that people are understanding exactly what she’s putting out there. Whether that’s a workout or the specs of the items in her store, she is responsive to her followers.

What I love most about her personal account is that it’s a great resource for finding new exercises – as I have tons bookmarked into muscle group specific tabs. She guides you along in more detail on YouTube videos as well. Follow her if you want to find great workouts, a welcoming community and also discover your new favorite workout clothes.


If you want to follow someone that will regularly encourage you to “get outside your head” and push yourself, follow Jill. She posts her workouts on the daily and is constantly updating followers on her progress.

Her transformation has been amazing. I believe that the best ones are transformations that happen with the body AND the mind. She never shies away from being honest about how her mentality has shifted from doubtful thoughts to pushing herself towards goals by changing her mindset.

I do believe that her outlook on mindset is incredibly inspiring. So often we listen to the voices in our head. I always find myself on a run and forcing myself to stop because I believe I can’t finish it. If I got outside my head and just crushed the goal, I’d be a lot closer to where I want to be on my fitness journey.

Jill also posts challenges such as her stair challenge that I have yet to try. I never do cardio, so seeing her do it with a 40lb weighted vest shows me to toughen up and go for it.

She includes recipes (especially in her highlights), her favorite healthy food options and tips on what she’s found works best when cooking healthy. It’s all pretty simple because she knows how simplicity is crucial when we have limited time.

If you’re looking for motivation and ideas when it comes to fitness, Instagram has become a great place to search. My top 3 favorite women for fitness inspiration that you should check out are @KrissyCela, @LeanMachine, and @JillChristine.

These women will inspire you and help you throughout your fitness journey. One important tip too is to create bookmark tabs to start tabbing ideas for recipes, workouts or even posts that inspire you.

Remember that Instagram is all about how you’re using it. These women are the best when it comes to staying positive and keeping it real. They are my top 3 Instagram accounts to follow for fitness motivation.

Who do you follow on Instagram for fitness motivation?

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