5 Steps to Create A Vision Board

Making a vision board felt silly to me. Why should I cut out pictures when I know what I want? I do enjoy making lists to check off and remind me of what I have to do, but I realized that I wasn’t focusing on long-term goals by making these lists.

It was always things to accomplish that day or by a certain day such as laundry, switch my insurance, schedule an oil change. It wasn’t the things I wanted to achieve. That’s why I decided I needed to give a vision board a try.

The process for creating your own is simple. You can make one however you feel best shows your vision. The typical way is to use a push pin board, which is definitely one of the best ways to change out goals and create a collage of inspiration.

However, I created a board much differently. I wanted a long term board with my goals laid out cohesive in one place. Below is how I created my vision board with steps on how to do the same for your own.

1 – List of Words
Think of things that inspire you or what you want to accomplish, where you want to travel, and who you want to be. For me, this included photography, healthy food choices, fitness, blogging, beautiful office spaces, home decor, plant decor, etc.

There are many things we want to do in life, but these words are more about what I want to achieve and create. I want a beautiful office space with a lot of plant decor, while still being fit and eating well. I wasn’t trying to create that in one picture, but images that show me what I’m working toward separately.

2 – Pinterest
Go on Pinterest and search for the words. I pinned mine to my secret Vision Board board and collected a library of content that speaks to me. Here’s a glimpse of what mine looks like based on the words above:

3 – Find a template on Canva
Search the templates on Canva by typing in Vision Board or photo collage. Once you find what works best with the overall feel you’re aiming for, go back to Pinterest.

Save the files into a folder on your computer or just to your desktop for the time being. Upload your photos into Canva and start dragging them around to adjust the layout. I also included words that would remind me what I was hoping to achieve.

4 – Download and Save
Download the completed project and save it to your computer. I saved mine as a PNG. You will then be able to save this onto your computer from your downloads and print it.

You can print it on any size paper, but I decided to print mine on regular printer paper to have it sit framed right on my desk.

5 – Continually update your vision board.
This is a tool for inspiration and motivation to accomplish your goals. Once you’ve achieved something, feel free to change out a photo or create a new board entirely. This is to help you get to who or where you want to be – it should never cause stress, but a vision of what you want in the future.

This is one of many methods to create a vision board, but it’s a great way to easily and effectively bring your ideas into one place. You can also try printing out photos and creating a collage, pinning photos to a cork board, or keeping a journal with photos and words that inspire you.

There is no right or wrong way to do this – just have fun and remember that this is to help with your own goals, no one else’s opinions matter!

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