7 Creative Hobbies That Are Budget Friendly

As a kid, I had countless exciting and creative hobbies that I looked forward to doing each day. I was scrapbooking, baking in my easy bake oven and volunteering regularly. I had so much free time that was jam-packed with activities that I loved. Now, at 25 years old, I have 0 hobbies.

Instead, I come home and lay in bed to scroll through my phone for hours. I have no idea when I switched over to doing the bare minimum each day. What I do know is I’m sad there’s nothing I’m passionate about anymore on a creative scale.

I decided I need to test out new activities to uncover more of what I love to do. I created a list of creative hobbies because I love developing something out of nothing, while staying on a budget. It makes me feel accomplished and inspires me in countless other areas of my life.

For example if I’m traveling, photography is a great hobby to lead me to hidden gems or beautiful places in unfamiliar territory. It inspires me to find places with aspects I love to capture. It encourages me to be creative, but also puts me into situations I wouldn’t be in if I wasn’t following a passion.

There are so many amazing hobbies to get involved in, but this list of 7 creative hobbies to try is a great place to start and see what inspires you.

1. Watercolor Painting

Trying this one was top on my list because I love the way watercolors look and how easy it is to begin with no experience. I bought all of my supplies at Michaels craft store for $20.00. Here’s a list of everything I purchased.    

You can see how my first time watercolor painting went and also check out my watercolor inspiration board on Pinterest. What I loved about watercolor painting was that it was hard to mess up. There are a bunch of techniques, but it’s very beginner friendly.

To get better inspired, create your own Pinterest board or look online for watercolor paintings that you can mimic. This was a great way for me to try to copy and practice the skill before trying my own designs

2. Photography

I’ve loved photography ever since I used my grandpa’s “classic” Polaroid camera in the 90’s. Of course back then I wasn’t taking the best photos, but it was fun to hold the photo in my hand within minutes.

Digital cameras make it easier to edit and perfect the shot. It’s up to you what kind of camera you choose, but I’d start with one that’s affordable or possibly even borrow one to see how you enjoy it. With this, you can photograph different landscapes, people, patterns, or even a bunch of photos of plants. Who knows, you could make a couple bucks selling your prints on Etsy down the road!

3. Volunteering

I spent a lot of time in college volunteering when I had time on the weekends. The club I was in went to events linked to all sorts of non-profit organizations. Through this, I was able to find the organizations that really resonated with me. By volunteering regularly, I connected with people who had similar interests. I was also able to apply skills such as writing, marketing, and communications within an organization and gain experience.

Therefore, volunteering as a hobby is a great way to get involved in a cause you care about while connecting with new people and gaining new experience. If you’re looking for more ways to volunteer, try checking out volunteermatch.com or searching for local non-profit organizations for the cause that interests you most.

4. Reading & Writing

This one has become more difficult throughout the years because it’s easier to grab my phone and scroll for hours. I recently got back into reading when looking for a book club as a way to make new friends. This led me to new authors, book suggestions and genres I wouldn’t normally read.

If you haven’t already, go onto Goodreads to find books you’re interested in reading by seeing how others rated them. It’s a good way to find books you didn’t know existed too.

Also, with a lot of reading, it encourages you to learn how to better write. You don’t have to write a fiction novel, journaling is also a great way to write creatively. There’s also a bunch of unique ways to write and journal, but most recently Bullet Journaling is causing some serious hype.

5. Crocheting

With winter here, crocheting is the perfect way to spend time in front of the fire. It’s a relaxing hobby with a focused, but no pressure goal in mind.

At first, I used a book that my friend’s mom gifted to me. When you begin your scarf, blanket, or any other item, you know what you’re aiming for and what size you’re making. Once you get better at the beginner knots, you can try other patterns to get your crochet skills to the next level. With everything online, you can find knots, patterns and designs all on Pinterest or YouTube.

6. Learn a language

I took so many years of Spanish and somehow still can’t speak or understand much of it. I’ve always looked at is as an assignment and not really something I wanted to know.

Now, I find myself wishing I spent more time learning the language. This led me to the DuoLingo app which is a good place to start and test my skills. It also teaches the language through different sets of skills/games. You can also try Rosetta Stone. I figured that once I semi-master the language, I can take a trip to “immerse” myself in the culture and learn more by forcing myself to speak and listen to the language.

7. Calligraphy

If you go on Etsy, chances are you’ll see something with calligraphy on the first page. It’s become so widely popular for invites, decor, and other handmade items. Calligraphy isn’t that easy though. There are a lot of tips and tricks to learn with this one, but it’s a great hobby to get into.

I have this book that teaches the basics of calligraphy. Also, I’ve read that it’s easier to master with a bullet journal thanks to the guidelines and spacing help. If you’d like to get into lettering, there is also a great class on Brit&Co.

Finding a hobby can be tough when you’re an adult, but there are countless options to test out to find ones you love. These 7 creative hobbies are a great starting point to inspire you to do more of what you enjoy in your free time.

One thing I always have to remind myself is to have fun with a hobby. Don’t think about how it should be, go with the flow. If you hate reading, try photography! If you love helping people, volunteering is a great way to fill your time. There are so many ways to reignite your passion and start doing more of what you love.

What are some of the hobbies you’ve tried or are currently into? Let me know below!

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  1. Melissa says:

    I love the calligraphy suggestion. It’s unique but also super useful.

    I’m going to learn it. The only downside will be that I’ll have to hand write all my friends’ wedding invitations :).

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