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Abattoir Vegetal: A Must Try Vegan Spot in Paris

Finding amazing vegan options when traveling can be tricky, especially while on vacation in a different country. While in Montmartre in Paris, my friend and I came across Abattoir Végétal and decided to stop in for breakfast on a Sunday morning. 

Interestingly enough, Abattoir means slaughterhouse. This restaurant was formerly a butcher shop back in the day. You’d never know though because they transformed it into a sophisticated healthy vegan spot that’s perfect for anyone.

The menu is curated with vegan and gluten-free choices. It’s perfect for anyone who doesn’t eat meat, has an allergy, or is looking to try something new and delicious. 

We were in need of some vegetables and wholesome choices to rejuvenate after days of tons of back to back activity. The nutrients were lacking in whatever else we had been eating and this place sounded like a great way to switch it up.

The Atmosphere at Abattoir Végétal

When we first walked in, I LOVED all of the plants. They were hanging throughout the space, placed on the windowsill, and each table had fresh flowers. It gave it a welcoming and airy feel that was complimented well by the minimalist gold decor choices. It made me want to go home and cover my room with more plants.

Since we didn’t speak French, we were very confused by the menu at Abattoir Végétal. We sat looking at it for a good 10 minutes trying to figure out what each item said. Luckily, our waitress informed us that on Sundays, the brunch menu is fixed – which solved all our problems.

The price for the fixed menu is about $27.00. At first, we thought it was pricey but we decided to go for it since it was different from what we had been eating. It still fell into the budget planned for the day, which was great for both the breakfast and lunch combined.


I ordered the matcha smoothie which had a light flavor that was a great way to start the meal. I also got a boisson chaude, a.k.a. a hot drink. I chose the plain coffee, but they had a nice selection to choose from that all seemed to be carefully crafted.

The coffee was served in a cute little bowl – which I’ll be making guests drink out of when they come to my future home. I wish the coffee was free refills, but it was nice to have both drinks to sip from.


Next, they served muesli that was banana, coconut flakes, granola, chia seeds and some edible flowers (or so I think.) This combo tasted amazing, as the granola was fresh with tons of flavor. It was filling, but in just the right way to prepare me for the next course. 

Main Dish

Once we finished the granola, we were served a salad that included tofu, mixed greens, tomatoes, rice, and an array of other ingredients that all tasted great – even though I was unsure exactly what they were!

Douceur De Jour

The final course of the meal was the “sweetness of the day.” This was a mixed fruit cup with a small piece of cake. The fruit cup was pineapple and a milder fruit garnished with coconut flakes and the same edible flowers as on the granola. 

The Bottom Line

The brunch special at Abattoir Végétal is definitely one you should stop in for if you’re looking for an amazing vegan restaurant.

We did notice that this brunch could get a little packed. It was miserable weather outside when we went, but most of the tables were still filled. It’s best to get there early and enjoy before the crowds.

If you’re ever in the area, be sure to check out Abattoir Végétal whether it’s for brunch or any meal of the day. Before you go, check out their Facebook page for more info: Also, be sure to look at their Instagram and start planning what you want to order: You’ll get hungry just looking through the pics! 

I know vacation is about having fun, but do you still try to add in healthy choices while traveling? If so, what works best for you?

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