About Thoughtful Blend

Inspired by struggle and transformation, Thoughtful Blend is a source to help women better discover who they are by finding new passions, positivity, and happiness in certain areas of life. Through how-to guides, personal stories, and tips on steps to take, I strive to help women through tough times, adding positive thoughts and welcoming change.

About Me

Hi, I’m Kristin!

I’m a New Jersey-based lifestyle and travel writer, lover of fitness trends, dark chocolate, hitting every note to songs and lounging with my dog Duke.

The Thoughtful Blend (named while making a cup of coffee with my Dad), is a lifestyle and travel site to help women establish a happier and more fulfilling life, even in the midst of really tough times. It is dedicated to encouraging readers to welcome change and discover unknown passions. Here you will find advice on all sorts of topics, ideas on new hobbies or experiences to try, and recommendations on things I swear by. 

I aim to keep things extremely relatable and vulnerable – so you know you’re not alone. If you feel like reaching out, you can find me at kristin@thoughtfulblend.com.