Confession: I Sit In The Gym Parking Lot And Don’t Go In

Not all of the time, but I’ve been extremely unmotivated to workout lately. As you see from the title, I keep driving to the gym and then I sit in the parking lot for about 10 minutes without ever going inside. I just can’t get myself to want to workout.

The sad thing is that when I do a workout I feel amazing. So understanding why I can’t get my ass into the gym has been tough, but I did get to the bottom of some of my issues.

If you’re stuck in the same rut or just can’t seem to find any motivation, I might be able to help. I’m going through some of the issues I face and sharing the solutions that might help you get back into the fitness routine!

The darkness after work kills my vibe

When the time changed in November, I knew it was going to change up my schedule after work. What I didn’t expect, was my strong desire to get home, put pajamas on and get under the warm covers at 5:30pm. The darkness seriously sucks the life right out of me.

Solution: If you’re experiencing this, one thing I’ve found that helps is when I have a plan in place. I like to set up a plan for the week and lay out each day. I especially love using the Tone & Sculpt App. This means that when you wake up, you’ll know that you’re doing legs in the evening. You can pack your favorite squat proof leggings, a hoodie, or whatever gets you in the zone to get shit done. Don’t change it unless you’re feeling sore or injured in that area. Sticking to this plan helps you prepare in advance so you don’t have to stress when you get there.

Also, you can go in the morning…

I can’t wake up for morning workouts (and don’t feel like it after work – see above)

This is a huge dilemma for me. I snooze all 7 alarms from 6am until 7:30 and finally get up to be at work by 8. So now I skipped my workout, I’m late to work, and don’t have any plan on what to do if I go after work (which I won’t because it’s dark and I want to be in bed.) It’s a horrible battle I struggle with daily, but it’s something that can be fixed!

Solutions: NOTE – I want to be honest – I’m still struggling with this, but have found these suggestions to be helpful.

  • Set an alarm that isn’t right next to your bed. This will force you to physically get up and moving.
  • Right after you silence that alarm (after moving), make your bed before anything else – even before you brush your teeth. This will help prevent you from wanting to curl right back into that warm spot.
  • Try to create a morning routine. If you LOVE coffee, it could help to save it for after the workout so you have something to look forward to. If you love meditating, make time for it in the morning so you have a positive aspect you enjoy doing. A routine before and after the gym will help to make the workout just a part of what you do each day.
  • Sign up for an early morning class that charges if you don’t show or if you cancel less than 8 hours in advance. I was a member at Orangetheory and it pained me to skip even if I signed up for 5:45am. That $12 fee crushed me so much that I never skipped again.

I’ll go tomorrow/I’ll start on Monday

I tell myself this every time I put my car right back into drive and head home. Then tomorrow arrives and I’m back to the same cycle. It can be easy to say you’ll start on Monday or you’ll be better tomorrow, but why wait? You have right now and things happen one step at a time. What you do today could impact or improve who you are tomorrow.

Solution: If you don’t have a plan at all for your workout today, I’d tell you it’s semi-okay to skip. I think having a solid plan in place helps you be more motivated to go for your goals TODAY. Actionable goals happen in steps. They’re not all or nothing, but actions you can take to get to the bigger picture. This means your workout today might seem easy to put off, but tackling now will help you get closer and you’ll probably feel motivated once you start.

I have no motivation

Listen, you probably won’t be hyped to workout every day of your life. It’s hard to stay active daily, but if it’s happening too much where you’re not getting to the gym in weeks, you have to ask yourself some questions. Why are you working out? Do you want to be the healthiest version of yourself? Are you just showing up to say you went? Why are you even trying to get to the gym in the first place?

Solution: Defining your goals can be tough, but is so necessary for motivation. You have to understand why you want to keep showing up for yourself. Trust that not every day will be an amazing workout day. Some days may even be the perfect rest days to get psyched for tomorrow. But you have to know why you want to have a fitness routine.

For me, it’s because I want to be healthy, fit and happy right now. I want to be the best version of myself because when I’m being healthy, it truly benefits all areas of my life. Without fitness, I feel that I’m not taking advantage of the ability to move, lift, and grow. It’s the one thing I can control and I love being able to make real, noticeable changes that make ME happy.

You’re not alone

Going to the gym can feel impossible at times, but usually there’s a reason holding you back. Whether it’s not wanting to wake up or you struggle to feel motivated, there’s always steps to take to fix it and get back into the hang of things.

It probably won’t change overnight, but small changes could help you create a better feeling around working out. It’s important to remember that exercise shouldn’t feel like a chore, but something that’s apart of your daily routine just like that morning coffee. Also, keep in mind that you’re not alone! Most people struggle with a consistent workout routine, myself included. By understanding the issue and taking steps with a solution, you’ll be back on track sooner than you think.

What is something that you struggle with when it comes to working out?

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