Why to Add A Jump Rope to Your Workout Routine

Looking for an effective and easy form of cardio to add to your workout routine? Consider using a jump rope!

Using a jump rope is a great form of cardio include as a part of your workout rather than the main routine. It will raise your heart rate while helping to strengthen muscles throughout your body. It is a full-body workout that is effective at targeting different muscle groups and burning calories.

Full-body Workout

From your ankles to shoulders, it involves various muscles during the workout. You may feel it in your legs but the motion used to handle the rope also works the upper body. You will also be using your core to stabilize yourself while you also pay attention to your coordination.

If you haven’t picked up a rope in years, I would suggest easing into it to prevent injuries from happening. Wear the proper shoes and start for a shorter period of time before you work your way into 20 minutes. You may also want to spread out how many days of the week you are doing it.

Affordable and Convenient

It is also inexpensive with many costing under $20 depending on what you’re looking to purchase. They are also portable so you can bring one with you to the gym, on a trip, or pack it in your backpack. A jump rope can be used anywhere as long as you have enough space. It can also be added onto a workout such as the ones found on the Tone & Sculpt App.

Picking the Right Jump Rope for You

So how do you pick the right jump rope for you? It could help to know your height so you can select one that is three feet longer. Personally, I like a leather jump rope with wooden handles. The feel is comfortable and the grip feels lightweight to me. You may need to test out to find which jump rope suits your preferences.

The Takeaway

Using a jump rope is an easy form of cardio to add to your workout routine. Not only is it affordable, but it can be done anywhere and in as much time as you have available. It is a beneficial full-body workout that can improve your coordination and balance as you stabilize yourself. It’s a great and effective workout that you can start doing today!

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