Holiday Gift Guide for the Fitness Fanatic

If you’re on the hunt for a great gift for a girl who loves fitness, I’ve got you covered. Although some items she might already have, sometimes you can’t have enough of them. Here is my gift guide for the fitness fanatic in your life.

Taotronics Bluetooth Headphones | adidas Hat | FitMark Lunch Bag | RX Bestseller Protein Bars | Ptula Activewear | Takeya 40oz Water Bottle | Spotify Subscription | Tone & Sculpt App Subscription | Native Deodorant | PE Science Protein Powder | FILA Gym Bag | Fitbit Inspire HR & Fitness Tracker

1.Taotronics Bluetooth Headphones, Taotronics – $39.99: The best headphones for the gym! They’re designed to loop into the nook of your ear so they won’t fall out on the treadmill. They do have a small cord, but I find this useful when taking them out and having the magnetic ends stick together so they don’t fall off.

2.adidas Hat, Kohl’s – $17.00: Great for throwing on to get in the zone to crush a killer workout.

3.FitMark Lunch Bag, FitMark – $59.99: I got this lunch box a couple of years ago and it’s been AMAZING. It comes with the storage containers that fit perfectly into the pouch. It’s the best meal prep bag out there in my opinion!

4.RX Bestseller Protein Bars, RX – $59.99: Protein bars are something that could be a hit or miss when it comes to the flavor. Although these are a little pricey, it includes a variety of the bestselling ones that have got nothing but rave reviews.

5.P’tula Activewear, P’tula – $65.00: I love this brand so much! It was my first “expensive” workout clothing purchase where I got it and wanted to drain my bank account for every other piece. The quality and design of the items will definitely impress the recipient!

6.Takeya 40oz Water Bottle, Amazon – $30.22: This is a must for anyone who is into fitness and health. Staying hydrated is a top priority. With this bottle, they’ll be able to keep their drink cool without having tons of plastic waste.

7.Spotify Subscription, Spotify – $9.99/month: There have been times that I will stop a workout if my phone dies and I have no music. Music helps someone stay in the zone and push them to complete sets. Check with the person first though, as many people have some sort of music app they already use or prefer!

8.Tone & Sculpt App Subscription, App Store – varies based on a payment plan: An app that takes the guesswork out of figuring out a workout routine. It also includes a nutrition section that allows you to arrange your meal plan and follow amazing recipes. Check out more about this app by reading this post!

9.Native Deodorant, Target – $11.99: This may or may not seem insulting depending on who you’re gifting to! There are a ton of positive reviews and happy customers who swear by using this every day.

10.PE Science Protein Powder, PE Science – $34.99: Not only is there a vegan collection, but this company breaks down why it’s so good in comparison to the rest of the brands out there.

11.FILA Gym Bag, Amazon – $66.00: A gym bag with compartments is a must. Having the spaces for different things like hair ties or a gym lock just makes it easier instead of digging around to find something.

12.Fitbit Inspire HR & Fitness Tracker, Amazon – $99.99: There are a bunch of different fitness tracker options from Fitbit, but this is rate as one of the most simple for day to day use.

I hope this list helps you find the perfect gift for the fitness fanatic in your life. Be sure to check out some of my other holiday gift guides to find something for everyone on your list!

Is there anything else you’d add to the list? Let me know in the comments!

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