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Holiday Gift Guide for the Healthy Food Lover

Ah, who doesn’t love food? There’s literally something for everyone when it comes to food, but here I’m breaking down the best gifts for the healthy food lover in your life.

Vegetti | Ozeri Food Scale | Measure and Store Canisters | Smart Garden Grow Kit | Slow Cooker Spice Blends | Farberware Food Huggers | Countertop Citrus Juicer | Get Kombucha Kombucha Starter Kit | Ultimate To-Go Container | Veggie Gripper Cutting Board | Kilner Breakfast Jar | Sushi Making Kit

1.Vegetti, Amazon – $9.99: This is my favorite tool to easily make zoodles. It gives two sides, one for thin noodles and the opposite for thick. It’s a great way to get creative with incorporating more veggies into dishes.

2.Ozeri Food Scale, Amazon – $11.95: A food scale is actually a staple kitchen tool I think a lot of people overlook. It’s the best way to measure ingredients, especially if someone is tracking their macros!

3.Measure and Store Canisters, UncommonGoods – $45.00: If you know someone who loves to store their dry ingredients like oats, lentils or beans, these are such a nice touch. The lids act as measuring cups so they don’t have to search the drawers to find one.

4.Smart Garden Grow Kit, Amazon – $99.95: I love plants, but I have a thing for killing them. This smart grow kit is perfect for someone who wants to have fresh herbs to cook with, but might not be too great at keeping them alive.

5.Slow Cooker Spice Blends, UncommonGoods – $14.00: These spice blends can be used to create a variety of dishes. They include a shopping list with recipes right on the packaging.

6.Farberware Food Huggers, Amazon – $8.97: Although these may look a little odd, they’re great to save the leftover pieces of veggies that didn’t get thrown into the recipe. They’ll keep the veggies fresher and are reusable so you won’t be throwing away tons of plastic baggies.

7.Countertop Citrus Juicer, UncommonGoods – $90.00: Stylish and functional, this juicer works is a nice touch to any kitchen. It can be used to juice for juices, dressings, sauces, or other creations that need that dash of citrus.

8.Get Kombucha Kombucha Starter Kit, Amazon – $39.95: Kombucha is amazing. Not only is this hugely beneficial for you, it’s also satisfyingly delicious. This gives someone the creativity to make their own.

9.Ultimate To-Go Container, UncommonGoods – $15.00: The amount of food storage containers most people have is insane. This box holds everything all in one place so it’s all that’s needed for lunch.

10.Veggie Gripper Cutting Board, UncommonGoods – $13.00: Sure, a regular cutting board works, but this gripper board makes meal prep a breeze. Quartering those cherry tomatoes has never been easier!

11.Kilner Breakfast Jar, UncommonGoods – $15.00: An actual lifesaver for morning meal prep. The measuring cup is right on top with a nice little slot to store a spoon.

12.Sushi Making Kit, Amazon – $6.99: This kit has rave reviews. It’s ideal for people who love sushi, enjoy cooking, and tend to like getting creative with their dishes!

I hope this list helps you find the perfect gift for the healthy food lover in your life. Be sure to check out some of my other holiday gift guides to find something for everyone on your list!

Is there anything else you’d add to the list? Let me know in the comments!

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