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How to Encourage Healthier Eating Habits with Your Partner

Eating healthy can be hard for anyone. From what you’re eating to portion control, there’s a lot that goes into nutrition. If you’re trying to add healthier eating habits into the mix, but your partner doesn’t think it’s necessary, I have a few tips that could help ease the process.

You and your partner might not see eye to eye on a lot of things when it comes to healthy eating habits. There are so many food options that it’s hard to even know what’s “right” at times. You may track calories on each item and he thinks a scoop of peas is the only veggie he needs for the day.

We all have different preferences, but these can be made into healthier choices.

One important thing to keep in mind is that you need to understand each other’s goals. You want to gain lean muscle while he wants to burn off fat. These individual goals could determine what you eat.

One thing that really helped me was using the MyFitnessPal app on my phone to track my food. It lets you set up the goal you want for calories and your macros. It’s a great tool to understand what you should be eating more of to hit your goal each day.

Once you have each of your goals in mind, it will be easier to begin to understand what food and portions work for you when eating healthy. However, don’t feel like you guys need to track. Just eating better is an amazing way to improve your health.

To start encouraging your partner to eat healthier options, try taking these steps:

Lead by example, not by trying to hit goals for your partner

Sometimes it helps to see someone’s dedication and progress before deciding to make changes. Your healthy habits might be improving your mood, sleep, energy, skin, and so much more. By seeing how amazing you’re feeling, your partner might be inspired to make changes on their own.

It will not only encourage him to do the same, but he will be more willing to do this together with you knowing it’s been working for you. Leading by example can help show that you’re supportive and not pushy. You can be motivating and encouraging without seeming like you’re forcing something on him.

This was the main reason my boyfriend started choosing to eat better. He saw that it was simple to make healthy food that tasted amazing. I inspired him to add more balanced and nutritious meals into his routine. Can you believe he immediately started feeling better?!

Eating foods that are nutrient dense and good for you doesn’t have to be boring. Your partner will see that you’re still eating a burrito, but with wholesome ingredients – not frozen with processed things you can’t pronounce.

Plan healthy meals together

When it comes to eating healthy, chicken and broccoli are not the only way to go. There are so many healthy and nutritious options out there to choose from that don’t sacrifice great taste.

Planning out what you like versus what your partner likes can be tough. Sit down and decide what you both would like to eat or how to incorporate each other’s preferences every other meal.

What’s even better about planning something is you’ll be able to hit the grocery store and know what you’re making this week. It’ll take the guessing out. Also, having a plan helps you prepare a concise list so you don’t waste time and money.

Meal prep in bulk

This step is crucial. I’ve skipped this more times than I can count and have fallen off track because of it. Meal prepping is the best way to ensure you’re sticking to the plan and your goals. Having the meals ready and on hand changes everything during the workweek. You don’t have to worry about what to eat because it’s already ready.

This also helps you cook in bulk so you don’t have to worry about running to the store multiple times during the week for chili ingredients that you thought of last minute. Meal prepping is also great to measure out your meals for better portion control. You guys might not have the same meals, but the components that make them up will be similar.

Meal prepping is also one of the best ways to track what you’re eating because you can measure it yourself. When you run out for lunch, you don’t know exactly what is in your food.

Balance is needed to stay happy

If your man wants to order pizza on Friday night, pop open the wine and then snack on thin mints, I say go for it. Healthy eating is about finding balance.

When you restrict yourself, you’ll be more likely to fall off track. Indulging in what you love every so often will keep you both sane. Now I’m not saying that you should eat a box of thin mints. Although I do know it can be hard to stop…

Eating healthy is about finding better choices to fuel your body to ensure you feel great. Leading by example, planning food, meal prepping and finding a balance are the steps to take when trying to encourage your partner to eat better too.

What ways have you tried to encourage healthier eating habits with your partner?

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