How to Share Your Gratitude With Loved Ones

Sometimes, we lose sight of the reasons why we love the people in our life. That’s why now is the perfect time to share your gratitude with loved ones.

Although there are a ton of ways to say it, I believe that writing a letter is a traditional and meaningful way to share your gratitude.

I remember being little and getting so excited to open mail with my name on it. It felt special because so much thought went into the handwritten mail. As an adult, it lost all of its excitement once I realized that mail is mainly advertisements and bills.

That’s why this year, I’m changing it up and mailing out handwritten letters to share my gratitude with my loved ones.

Why are handwritten letters so special?

In the cards, you can express all the reasons you are grateful. Now I’m not saying you have to confess to everyone you’re in love with them. However, so often we assume people know how we feel, but really they just feel like another person to us. Sharing with them how much they mean to you can help them feel special and more connected to you.

Handwritten letters show that you care enough to take the time to think of them. They’re also keepsakes that someone can hold onto to feel special in moments where they need comforting words.

I also love that a handwritten letter feels special to write. It makes me connect with my own feelings and get in touch with all the reasons to be happy. While sharing why I love my friend or family member, I’m able to think about why my life is in a great spot, even if I don’t have my shit together.

Write it out.

Brew yourself a cup of tea, put on some creative instrumentals and let’s get your gratitude flowing. I challenge you to write 3 letters of gratitude to people in your life.

I like to create my own cards with blank cardstock and stamps. However, there are a ton of different cards you can get. Try checking out TJMaxx’s card section or Target for a set. Also, here are a few linked card set packs you can purchase:

Thanksgiving Greeting Cards, Etsy set of 10 ($10.00) | I’m So Thankful For You, Etsy set of 8 ($16.50) | Thankful For You, Etsy set of 6 ($19.95)

Don’t feel pressure to think it has to be a novel – just write it out. You can mail them or give them to them in person, but be sure to put some heart into it. They’ll be happy to receive this from you and you might even start a new tradition!

How do you share your gratitude with loved ones?

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