How to Shift Your Negative Thoughts

Thinking about everything that I have to do stresses me out. From laundry to job hunting, it all seems like too much in too little time. It makes me want to push them off until I have the time. With this way of thinking though, I will never really have the time unless I make it.

This thought process is also pretty negative. I’m only looking at things as somewhat of a chore. They’re not things I want to be doing, but that have to get done. In order to shift your negative thoughts, it helps to refocus the tasks at hand.

One thing that helps with seeing what NEEDS to get done in a better light is to focus on why you want it. To do this, simply think about what you think you need to do. Next, switch the word “need” with “want” and watch how drastically your task and approach to it can change.

For example: 

I need to fix my resume to apply to 10 jobs by Saturday.
I want to fix my resume to explain who I am so I can land an amazing job at a company with values and a mission important to me.

I need to workout today.
I want to workout today because I want to work towards seeing changes in my body and mind.

I need to stop being miserable.
I want to be grateful and happier with healthier choices and more things that bring me joy because life is too short.

When you focus on why you want to do something versus telling yourself it needs to get done, you remind yourself why you’re doing it in the first place. You might even lose a few NEED to do’s along the way, but it’s crucial to focus on why you want to get it done. Having a purpose truly does make it more motivating to do the things you want to and stay on a productive path.

This also helps you shift your negative thoughts and feelings of being overwhelmed. You’re no looking at tasks as something you’re forced to do, but things you want to accomplish for a greater purpose.

This doesn’t mean that you should say I want to lay in bed all day and have someone do my laundry. Honestly, we would all love that. It means that when you have a goal, don’t look at it as a must do task.

Instead, look at it as something that could lead you to your next step or an accomplishment (whatever it may be.) I want to think more positive. By thinking more positive this will help me get the new job I want.. and so on.

Give this process a try and let me know how you feel after shifting your thoughts to focus on positive aspects. I want to hear about it no matter how small!

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