Staying Positive Through Tough Times

It can be a challenge to stay positive through tough times. The scenario you’re dealing with often consumes your thoughts, leads to stress, and a variety of confusing feelings.

I’ve had panic attacks, sobbing sessions, and made frantic calls for advice when dealing with something rough. It was hard to think about anything but the reasons behind it, but going through the tough times actually taught me that there are ways to stay positive throughout them.

Start a daily gratitude journal

gratitude journal

All you need is 5-10 minutes per day. Set aside time each day that you have routinely free. Use this time to write a list of 3-5 things you’re grateful for in your life. I bought a gratitude journal off Amazon but a simple notebook works great. You can add quotes that inspire you or doodles throughout the pages as you go.

Staying consistent each day might seem repetitive but will make way for journaling to naturally become a part of your routine. The more you add, the more your view on things will begin to shift to a positive perspective.

Surround yourself with people who support you

Feeling alone is common during a tough time. It may be hard to relate or even express your feelings. Surround yourself with people who care about you and have your best interests in mind. These people can help you shift your perspective or remind you that you’re not alone at all. People care about you, let them be there, and show you how important you are to them.

Get dressed & do something you love

The COVID-19 pandemic taught me that it’s important to get ready and feel good even if I’m doing nothing/going nowhere. I actually ordered really nice workout clothes and have no shame in saying these are the outfits I feel my best in. Putting on my (high-quality) workout clothes makes me feel motivated, confident, and happy. There’s just something about feeling good that inspires me to get in a workout, go for a hike, read a book, walk Duke, or prepare a healthy meal.

This can look totally different for you. Getting up and getting dresses will just help put you into a focused mindset to do what you need to or even some of the things you love.

Dance (and sing)

You’re lying if you tell me dancing doesn’t make you feel a little bit better. It might be hard to imagine right now in this shitty moment. So stop thinking about it. Stand up (wherever you may be), put on a feel-good song, and just move around. Flail your arms, bend your legs, clap your hands, whatever it may be that gets you vibing to the music. Let it out. I also love to sing along – I believe I have top of the charts talent, but fame isn’t for me…

Set achievable goals to work on moving forward

Your goals don’t need to be huge to plan for them. Something as simple as getting in the habit of making your bed each morning can be a goal you want to achieve. Accomplishing even small tasks can help you feel motivated and capable of working towards more ways to better yourself. You can even take it a step further and create a vision board of things to work towards a little each day.

It can be difficult to stay positive through tough times or even consider being happy with everything else on your plate. Remember that it’s important to have hope. There are opportunities ahead and so much that you’re capable of achieving.

If you’re going through a tough time, I want you to know you can always reach out to me. I’m here for you and you are not alone.

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