The Workout Clothes You Need To Try

I’ve always been hesitant to buy online from a new company because I’m afraid of not getting what I expect, especially when it comes to workout clothes. With no reviews or credibility, it’s hard to know if it’s an honest brand.

P’tula is 100% a brand you can trust.

Sami Bossert started this company in 2016. The name P’tula comes from the Passion to Unite and Live Active, which was inspired by clients and their stories. Each item is named after one of her clients who impacted or inspired her in some way.

I followed P’tula from the start and admired ALL of their items. From the leggings to the sports bras, they were designed with women of all shapes and sizes in mind. Slowly but surely the five star reviews came pouring in with nothing but love for the quality of items and the overall brand.

I finally decided to try these clothes during their Black Friday sale because I felt it was time to go for it after two years of waiting around (I don’t know why I did this…) It was honestly the best decision and money well spent.

I placed my order on Thursday and received it Monday. The purple package is adorable and made it feel more special than getting it in a cardboard box or white envelope. When I ripped open the package, each individual item came in its own sleeve. It showed that they put a lot of thought and care into making sure you have a great experience!

The Alainah II Allure Legging: 23”- Shark Skin

Now to the best part. I opened my leggings and held them up to see that the small looked like it fit a tiny child. I was skeptical about trying them on because I didn’t want to stretch them (they’re stretchy for a reason!)

When I squeezed into them, they fit perfect with the high waistband being comfortable and very flattering. It smooths out the tummy while tucking in my love handles. I got these in the color Shark Skin, which is versatile so I can always add a bright top or keep it neutral.

The butt seam does ride a little on the upper half of my bottom, but I didn’t find this to be an issue. The fit felt comfortable and looked great when I had them on.

The Sariya “Live It Up” Sports Bra – Seafoam

Next, I opened the sports bra. I have a lot of problems with sports bras not fitting correctly. I tend to buy ones that are just fabric without padding, but I always regret it when I’m at the gym. The padding adds extra coverage while still being fitting to the body.

This sports bra did initially fit tight around my ribcage. I considered sizing up, but I’d rather there be a little tightness than loose because it will stretch over time.

The back of this bra is beautiful. The straps are made securely, so I don’t have to worry about a small tug ripping the seams from the top or bottom. This color is also very flattering, although I need a tan to really make it pop!

Invigorate Seamless Crop – Moonstone  

The seamless crop has me so excited for the seamless leggings. There’s just something about this fabric and the fit making it unlike any other brand I’ve tried. I honestly never wear a cropped shirt to the gym, but I think that’s about to change. This top makes me feel confident, not self-conscious.

The sleeves are soft and don’t feel too constrictive like a lot of tight fitting long sleeves. The thumb holes are a nice touch as I always pull my sleeves up to my hands.

I also love that the leggings are high rise making it a great combo with coverage. I don’t think I want to workout in anything else – until I order more.


I was even more excited to see they included a free gift with my purchase. My dad heard me screaming about my new knit hat from the other room and thought something serious happened. It did – this hat is serious. I just can’t get enough of hats. The quality of this one is unbeatable, you’re truly getting something worth the money.

If you’re considering giving P’tula a try, I’d definitely recommend it. Not only is the quality amazing, but the thought and care that goes into creating and shipping these products is unlike any other workout clothing brand I’ve come across.

P’tula is truly a brand that cares about its products, but more importantly, they care about their customers. You will always feel like you’re the priority which is amazing when shopping online, or anywhere when it comes to workout clothes.

Still curious about P’tula? Be sure to check them out and read through the reviews. You’ll feel the love and gain some trust in purchasing from this amazing brand!

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