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Tone & Sculpt Phase 1: Starting From the Beginning

The Tone & Sculpt App has been out for some time now. In that time, tons of people have been transforming their bodies and their minds. Unfortunately, I fell off track and wasn’t consistent. As a result, I’m recommitting to start the Tone & Sculpt Phase 1 – from the beginning.

First, let me share how this year has gone. In the beginning of January, I was doing the Tone & Sculpt program. You can read all about why I think it’s a no brainer to invest in by reading “Tone & Sculpt App: Is It Worth The Money?” that I posted.

I was getting in 3 workouts a week and feeling great. Then, I actually did something really bad… I avoided all of the cardio sections at the end of the workout.

Cardio is just not my thing. It’s why I joined Orangetheory in May, in hopes of someone forcing me to do it. It’s a great workout, but the cost and strain it was putting on my joints became too much for me. I ended my contract this September.

Second, this made me realize that working out should be something I enjoy. There may be things I hate about fitness. On the other hand, overcoming them will feel so much better than avoiding them entirely.

Lastly, there is one program I keep coming back to use. The Tone & Sculpt app is something I love due to the consistent weightlifting plan, nutrition, progress photos, and accessibility.

Tone & Sculpt Phase 1, Week 1: Starting 09/08/2019

I’m sticking to the workout plan, starting with Tone & Sculpt Phase 1 for the gym plan set for 5x a week. Here you can see what the very first workout looks like, after you complete the warmup.

Tone & Sculpt Phase 1, Week 1

My hope is that we can restart this fitness journey together. Don’t make excuses to wait until the new year. Start now.

Keep in mind that starting from the beginning is the best way to measure your progress. Although I’m just taking progress photos, it’s also great to take body measurements to see how your whole body changes throughout the process.

Progress Photos: Taken 09/08/19 at 8:30 am

This is a lot for me to share because I’m not happy with my body right now. I’ve put in a lot of work and haven’t seen the results. This led me to fall off track which is why I’m not where I want to be.

These photos were taken in the morning before any meals or water. Note: this is also before I ate every possible appetizer during the opening day of football.

My motivation is to be better than these photos. I want my body to be in the best shape and health during these years of my life. I’m doing this for me.

Meal Prep: 09/08/2019

I live at home with my parents. My dad cooks dinner every night. I often put in my two cents on how it isn’t as healthy as it could be. Of course it sounds rude, but honestly, it has opened my parents’ eyes about choosing healthier food options.

However, to avoid conflict (and not be a rude b), I’m going to meal prep all of my meals. It’s something I need if I really want to see changes in my body.

I’m creating my own meal plan in the nutrition section. Here you can see my layout for Monday.

Tone & Sculpt Nutrition section

When creating my meals, I be sure to track them on my own in MyFitnessPal. This way I can adjust any measurements more closely to my macros. Below you can see how I entered in just my breakfast.

myfitnesspal app

The meal prep seems like a lot of work, it’s the best way to ensure you stay on track. You’ll also make sure you’re eating the best portions and macros because that varies for your individual body type.


Honestly, restarting this made me feel like a failure at first. I felt that I invested in this app and failed to commit.

Now I have everything prepared, so I can’t make any excuses. My workout schedule is set, meals made, water bottle ready to be filled, and a clear mindset. Now is my time to f*%king crush it.

As I said, I’d love for you to join this journey with me. Whether you want to restart the Tone & Sculpt App, or are interested in joining for the first time. I believe we accomplish more by having people to hold us accountable and share our progress along the way.

If you need an accountability buddy for the Tone & Sculpt App, I’m your girl. Just be ready to be mine!

I want you to keep in mind that fitness is about the process.

Feel the strength of your body, enjoy nutritious meals and do things that serve your mindset well. Don’t wish away these moments for ones where you have a six pack abs. That day may come, but there are countless successes to be proud of along the way. I want you to celebrate them.

Celebrate that you worked out 5x a week for a month. The new weights your lifting. Celebrate the way your mindset has shifted.

These are things to be proud of along the way. These are things that contribute to making you a better version of yourself. Celebrate that you showed up and that you’re closer to where you want to be.

Now go crush them fitness goals 🙂

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