Why You Can’t Wait to Be Ready & How to Start Now

Wouldn’t it be amazing if everything lined up perfectly for you to go for what you want? Instead, you wait until you’re ready. You blame the circumstances, saying “I don’t have the money,” “I don’t have the time,” or “I don’t have energy.” This usually turns “I’ll do it when I’m ready” into never actually getting shit done.

Truth is, you’re never completely ready.

Most things happen when you least expect it. They happen when you’re putting yourself out there. When you’re taking the steps to get to where you want to be, you’re opening yourself up for the changes to take place.

Where has waiting gotten you?

Think of the time you’ve wasted by waiting until you’re “ready” to go for what you want. There are probably tons of excuses and reasons you’ve made up to stay in your comfort zone. By doing nothing, you’ve gone nowhere. Instead of hoping things can fall into place when your situation is ideal, start taking steps towards your goals.

You have a better chance of getting where you want to be just by doing things you’ve made excuses for. Imagine you want to start a business but you’re waiting to have enough money in place to begin. Without the initial small investment, such as a website or a first client, you’ll never get to the point to make money with that business.

Take me for example. I wanted to meet new friends without ever actually leaving my house. I didn’t want to try anything new or different because I was afraid of the unknown. Instead, I was waiting until I was ready to be social or until I was proud of my life when introducing myself to strangers.

I decided to just go for it by joining a book club to meet new people. Although we didn’t become instant friends, it got me closer to connecting with people that could turn into friends. It also introduced me to new things I didn’t know about — such as Bargallo.

By going for the things you want, you see progress and become excited with what’s unfolding. Waiting will keep you stuck where you don’t want to be. Taking small steps gets you closer to the goal and allows you to see it’s achievable.

Why you need to start now

There is no stopping time from passing us by. You only have this one life and there are more things you could be doing to make you happy. Are you doing all that you can to live a happy life? So many of us waste time stuck in a monotonous routine that we forget about the things that bring us joy.

You should go after your goals, dreams, or even something you’re not ready for because (as crazy as it is) you learn to figure it out along the way. This doesn’t mean that if you want to buy a $100,000 car you should put it on a credit card and struggle to make payments. It depends on the goal and figuring out how to take the best steps for you to get there.

It’s inevitable that you’ll fail or feel overwhelmed at times, but that’s life. Mistakes are always being made. You achieve things by going for it and learning from mistakes. Mistakes are not failures, but a tool to understand what to maintain and change.

If you have a goal but you’re not doing anything about it, ask yourself why? Maybe need to reconsider how important your goal is to you. Sometimes goals change, but you should always be striving towards what you want and what makes you happy, no one else.

How to start now (even if you’re not ready)

First, take a look at my Goals Planner. This is what I created to organize my thoughts and create an actionable plan for what I want.

To do the same, make a list of your BIG goals. I tend to stick to no more than 3 when doing this activity. Want to become a travel photographer? Great. Put that down on your list.

In a column next to it, put down a list of 5 smaller goals that can get you to that BIG goal. This can be to: take a photography class, take 10 different photos this week, read a photography book, connect with a mentor, or book a trip to you’re favorite destination.

These small goals make getting to the bigger one you’re “not ready for” easier to achieve. The small steps get you on the path towards the goal that feels overwhelming. You just have to maintain that direction. If you veer off from your path because you don’t love it and your goal has changed, then reevaluate and start a new one.

I wasn’t ready to start my blog because I didn’t want to pay for anything without knowing how it would turn out. Thinking I could do it on my own, I didn’t want to pay for classes. I’ve realized the hard way that time is of the essence. Without taking advantage of things right now, I miss out on opportunities and waste time I won’t have again.

The Takeaway

Without creating and doing things that make us happy, we would all be stuck in the same place we’re trying to get away from! Stop waiting to be ready, it won’t happen. You need to take action now to create a life that makes you happy.

By waiting you’re holding yourself back from reaching a new potential. You’re preventing yourself from being happy and healthy. Whatever it is you’re waiting for, understand that time doesn’t stop for us. Start planning and creating the change now, then learn from those mistakes and keep growing. You’ll be happier with your mistakes than the chances you never took.

What are you waiting for?

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